Paul Harrild

Paul has now been working as a violin maker for well over 20 years, his instruments have been purchased by professional players world wide. His instruments are especially esteemed in a large number of british orchestras for their sound quality, response and appearance.
 Paul's instruments have also found great favour amongst the serious student and amateur player alike. Paul's making evolved via graphics, fine art painting and sculpture. His making endeavours to encompass function aesthetics to the full. For this reason his work aims to emulate the makers of Cremona and Brescia, whilst retaining the integrity of his own personal individuality





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Not being a strict copyist (unless required) affords him freedom of choice while observing a variety of influences. Paul also undertakes work in the baroque tradition including the decoration of instruments. The "Prince of Wales cello" being a fine example.
 Orchestras sold to include: BBC Symphony, BBC Radio, BBC Welsh Symphony, London Philharmonic, Scottish National, Bournemouth Symphony, English National Opera and numerous London freelance players.

Also many youth orchestras: UK Harrow school of young musicians, Benslow music trust.
 Countries sold in include: UK. U.S.A. Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Japan and Korea.


The violin being played by Mr Redrobe on the home page is is an exact copy of the "Leduc" Guarnerius Del Gesu of 1743 which was played by Henryk Szeryng.

Pictures below:

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