In this unique film 'Violin Secrets (of the old masters)', Stephen Redrobe, who was teaching assistant and manager of the great violinist Erick Friedman (Heifetz's greatest ever protege) from 1994 until Prof. Friedman's untimely death in 2004, finally reveals technical secrets of the great masters of the violin that you will not find in any book.

All true connoisseurs of the violin know that the great players of the first half of the twentieth century each had a unique, personally identifiable tone. They also know that, for some unknown reason, almost all of the most successful players of recent times sound, more or less, exactly the same as each other - the only real differences between them lying in matters of interpretation or temperament, not in sound.

That is precisely why it is often very difficult, if not impossible, to tell them apart - unless you happen to be familiar with a particular recording, of course.

That was not the case with the great masters of the early 1900s. If you heard a record by Fritz Kreisler, for example, - one that you had never heard before - you still knew immediately that it was Kreisler you were listening to, and no-one else.

In the main part of this film, Mr Redrobe reveals for the first time the reason behind this phenomenon which has baffled music lovers and violinists alike for decades.



From Oliver Steiner:

Dear Steve,

Your DVD just arrived. I eagerly watched it all. For me, your film is more than informative, helpful and wise. I'm moved by it. It promotes musical values that are the most important and precious ones for me. It directly and clearly addresses the mechanics involved in achieving these qualities.

I have studied with some wonderful teachers: Dorothy DeLay throughout my Juilliard undergraduate and graduate work, Nathan Milstein, when I was a performing member of his masterclass, and Josef Gingold and Louis Persinger with whom I studied chamber music.

Though I have not yet met you in person, the benefit I have experienced in my playing by giving serious thought and practice time to working at your ideas, and by working at your answers to my endless stream of questions, is unquestionably of a value comparable to that which I received from these revered, departed masters.

Gratefully, Oliver



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