Erick Friedman

Erick Friedman with Stephen at St John’s, Smith Square, London.


                   Acclaim For Mr. Friedman


"...the celebrated American virtuoso violinist...abundant technique, considerable ease and an unforced musicality...imbued with a musical heat and impetuosity..."(December 2000)

The Los Angeles Times


"The number of violinists who play the instrument sonorously as Erick Friedman belong on the Fingers of One Hand Club, meaning you do not have to count very high to run out of members...He is not only a master violinist but also one with a distinctly personal and identifiable style of playing." (Masters of the Violin Series Concert, Carnegie Hall, 1979)

Donald Henahan, The New York Times


"Friedman is a polished artist...The result was dazzling beauty."

The Washington Post


"Masterful and sensitive. He is an artist of top rank."

Philadelphia Inquirer


"A superb unmistakable quality of greatness"

London Daily Telegraph

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