Stephen Redrobe
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Stephen Redrobe

Born in 1957, Mr Redrobe began playing the violin at the age of three.
He was a professional soloist before the age of 10, and began teaching at the age of 15.

His teachers and mentors have included some of the greatest violinists of the 20th century, including Henryk Szeryng, Erick Friedman, Oscar Shumsky and Aaron Rosand.



Mr Redrobe’s mission is to pass on the teachings of Erick Friedman, thus continuing the Auer/Heifetz tradition of violin playing.

He was for ten years the European teaching assistant and manager of the virtuoso violinist Professor Erick Friedman, Yale University, USA., until Professor Friedman’s untimely death in March 2004.

Professor Friedman was the only protege of Heifetz and disciple of Milstein, arguably the two greatest players of the 20th century.


Excerpt from Liebesleid by Fritz Kreisler on this page played by Mr Redrobe with his friend and colleague, Mattias Eklund of Linkoping, Sweden.

Mr Redrobe uses only strings by Pirastro


Mr Redrobe uses only 100% handmade Baker’s Violin Rosin. Click on picture to find out more:

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